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Hydra Radiance Peel: $90 (45 Min)
A hydrating light peel with no downtime for dry or dull looking skin. Unclogs pores, dimishes fine lines/ wrinkles. Most skin types have no peeling with this treatment.

Ultra Peel: $125 (45 Min)
A medium range strenght peel (can purchase 1 or pkg of 4)

Targets hyperpigmentation (brown spots), acne/acne scars, uneven skin tone, minimizes pores, smooths out skin tone, unclogs pores, and diminishes fine lines/wrinkles. Gives your skin a firmer appearance and beautiful glow. SKin can flake or peel

ZO® 3 Step Peel: $300 (40 Min)
Can use as a stand-alone peel or purchase pkg of 3 for better savings.

An aggresive-strength peel for all skin types & colors. (Can purchase 1 or pkg of 3)
Great for acne, skin laxity, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, fine lines/wrinkles. Skin will most likely peel with this treatment

Cryogenic Therapy known as CO2 Ball or Snowball: $30 (15 Min)
Used to calm skin after diamond glow & chemical peels. Activates cellular turnover in aging skin, calms acne and reduces bacteria


$40 Diamond Glow
Can be added on to any chemical peel (excluding ZO® 3 Step Peel). Adding the Diamond Glow to a chemical peel will increase the strength of the chemical peel by removing a tissue layer off the surface of the skin, allowing the chemical peel to travel deep into the dermis

$30 Dermaplaning
Can be added on to a chemical peel and Diamond Glow facial. (Excluding ZO 3 Step Peel)

$40 Chemical Peel

Can be added on to a dermaplaning or Diamond Glow facial

$30 Cryogenic Therapy (CO2 Ball)
Can be added on to any facial

$40 Eye Treatment
Relaxing treatment on any skin type. Exfoliates under eyes and brow, while infusing a customized serum under the skin with a hydrating eye mask

$40 LED Light Treatment
Red, Yellow & Blue light therapy to rejuvenate the skin, and boost overall radiance. Great for anti aging, firming the hyperpigmentation & acne skin

$20 Gua Sha Facial Massage (10 Min)
Promotes lymphatic drainage, boosts blood flow, relieves muscle pain and reduces puffing of the skin

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