Get Your Skin Summer Ready With Our New Bio-Glow Treatment

June 16, 2021

We’re now offering a new facial treatment just in time for summer! Our new Bio-Glow Treatment, WiQo (PRX-T33), was created in Italy and provides a safer and more effective alternative to chemical peels.

How does it work?

PRX-T33 circumvents the epidermal layer of your skin and stimulates the deeper dermis layer to engage tissue fibroblasts. This produces new collagen and elastin for greater structure and elasticity in your skin.

Check out what else makes the PRX-T33 chemical treatment unique:

Safe for the Summer

Some facial treatments and chemical peels are dangerous to get during the summer months when you are spending hours in the sunshine. Luckily, WiQo (PRX-T33) facial treatments are completely safe for all seasons.

Treatment 2

No Downtime for Peeling

Depending on the aggressiveness, traditional chemical peels can require from two to three weeks for your skin to completely heal. With your Bio-Glow Treatment, there is no peeling or flaking, and absolutely no downtime. You are able to go back to your daily activities right away.

Quick and Effective

All it takes is 20 minutes of your day to complete a WiQo (PRX-T33) treatment session, with a total of four sessions.

Before you know it, you’ll be out the door with an immediate and noticeable improvement to your complexion.

Treatment 3

Get your summer glow on. We are now offering all four sessions for $1000 at Dr. Connie Heir’s San Antonio office.

Book your Bio-Glow Treatment today.

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